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My Dedication Ceremony.

Well, par usual, ladycrystala did a fantastic job. She wrote a beautiful ceremony. We went over it briefly when I arrived so I would know how we'd be doign things since we were also doing an Imbolc ritual (which was yesterday, as well as a full moon!). It was a wonderful time to do a Dedication.

She had the altar set up beautifully (as always), and even had a fire in the cauldron burning brightly. I was quite impressed, and intrigued. Fire has always intrigued me. I have spent HOURS sitting at a fire (campfire or in a fireplace) and been captivated just staring at the flames and watching them dance. it always put me into such a peaceful trance, and my mom always would make a comment about how I looked like I was going to fall asleep staring at the fire. Which is one of the many reasons why my name is Starfyre. I may post (if I haven't already) about how I came up with my magickal name, if anyone's interested.

So, we started the ceremony by casting a Celtic circle. ladycrystala even used a sword rather than just the standard athame. It sure was beautiful and powerful. We did the Imbolc ritual and then they (her and her hubby, who is our High Priest) did the dedication ceremony. I think that she has even posted it in the whisperingoak community that we are moderators of. So if you want to actually see the words that were spoken, check that out.

right in the middle of the dedication ceremony as I was reciting my vows, the smoke alarm went off. We scrambled to get it to stop (after all it was after midnight), and open windows and put the smoldering cauldron outside. Rather appropriate I thought, seeing as "Starfyre" was being dedicated. ;)

After the ceremony, we pulled out the spirit board and spoke with one of my spirit guides who was present with me during the ceremony, whom both ladycrystala and her hubby said they saw/felt the presence. We had a good chat and I learned that she helps me with my healing abilities and is a great person to have with me.

A little more chatting, and then I decided to head home. It's funny. While we were sitting at the table, Ryan asked me if I felt any different. I said, "should I?" I didn't feel different at the time, well not exactly. I did feel more at peace and quite calm and as though I felt the hands of the God and Goddess embracing me during the ceremony, but not necessarily "different". But I awoke this morning feeling more peaceful than I have in quite awhile. Aside from shivering most of the night from being so cold (and under like 5 blankets!), I had a good sleep. Today, I am feeling more at peace and almost with a vengeance to clean up my apartment and clear away all the excess energy of things I no longer use/need/desire. It will be a long process (I don't want to do too much at one time as it's quite exhausting), but I'm excited about it.

So there you have it. A beautiful Dedication ceremony. It's just a shame that we forgot to take any pictures. Oh well. I don't think it's something I'll soon forget. It was beautiful, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn and grow spiritually along side of two really great people who are wonderful friends and also my High Priest/Priestess. Life is good.

Feeling Inspired.

Well, after a little bit of switching around schedules, we have decided upon a date for the Imbolc ritual and my dedication. It will be next Friday. We were going to have it on Saturday but some conflicts arose, and now we've changed it. 11:30pm next Friday is when it will be. zen_sakka, since we usually spend Friday nights together, I thought you might want to be a part of my dedication ritual. If not, you don't have to be, but I thought you might want to be included.

I'm looking forward to it and hope to have the time I would like this weekend to work on some things so I feel less burdened by my thoughts and dreams of late. I have been having a lot of really out there dreams that I can't even begin to understand or decode. One of my dreams last night, which I didn't wake up terrified or anything, definitely had me thinking and wondering upon waking. I actually saw myself being shot while with a person that I was in love with (boyfriend, husband, I don't know), but Iknow we were intimate. We were shot by some random guy who happened to walk out of the next apartment and saw us there and shot both of us. he shot my companion first, so I had to watch that person be shot and fall to the floor before the gun was turned upon me. I felt for a moment that I might be spared, but as I looked into the guys eyes, I knew that was not to be the case as I felt the bullets hit me and then felt the cold hard floor below me. It was as if my spirit just floated there for awhile, watching everything. I saw the person who found our bodies, the police coming, and then the funeral which was held right there in the home, and I could still see the outline of my body. It was eerie and a little unsettling, but not as terrifying as I thought I'd be when I woke up. But it's definitely got me filled with a bit of trepidation as to what it means and if my subconscious or angels or whatever is trying to communicate something with me and felt they needed to be very strong in their symbolism in getting me to get it? who knows. But that dream really made me start thinking. I've got to start figuring out what these dreams mean. They get weirder by the day, and that's the second or 3rd time in the past, I'd say 2-3 months that I've actually dreamed that I died. I am not the kind of person that believes "if you see your death in your dreams, you'll die". But I do know that when you see yourself killed or die in a dream, there is supposed to be a serious message or lesson trying to be taught, and if I don't get it, the dreams will continue to get worse and stronger. So I've gotta figure things out, and Soon.

But aside from my weird dreams, things are going well. I got to vent a little today about a coworker and that helped. I love my job and the people I work with and was told at least 2-3 times today how happy they are and how they don't know what they'd do without me there. That makes ya feel good, let me tell you.

Lots of good positive things going on, now if I could just get the dreams in line and have many lovely dreams about Davey every night, I'd be quite the happy girl.

Not much new.

There really isn't much going on this week as far as my spiritual growth goes. It's just been way too busy doing the things in life necessary (like work and such). But I hope that this week will allow me to do a ritual as I'm eager to do one and to cleanse my items that I purchased to put on my altar.

I did manage to join Weight Watchers this week, and I'm doing pretty good so far. I went over by one point yesterday because I was babysitting and was at someone else's house for a good portion of the evening/night, so I didn't have as much control over what I ate. And we ordered pizza, but i stuck to just 2 slices, which kept me within a reasonable amount, and I only had to use 1 of my weekly allowance points. Today, as of right now, I still have about 5 points left, so I'm going to have a bag of my 100 calorie cookies, and a glass of milk and that'll take up 4 points. Good enough. I do need one more glass of water as well to make that goal, but doing pretty well. I need to get some groceries tomorrow to restock, but since I started a few weeks ago getting in the habit of buying healthier foods, this doesn't seem as difficult. I think next week I'll start to focus more on working out. This week, I just need to take it easy. I feel like i've got the beginning stages of a sinus infection (i get them so often, I pretty much know when i am getting one), and since i can't afford to visit the doctor and get antibiotics, I'm just going to have to rest and take it easy.

HOpefully ladycrystala and I can get back on our schedule of doing Saturday classes as this week we didn't get to do that with our respective schedules. This weekend coming up isn't nearly as hectic as this week was, so it should work. Maybe we can just meet up after the Weight Watchers meeting and do our class. And our Imbolc ritual is coming up on Feb 3(I think that's the right date). We also decided when we had dinner on Thursday night that I'll do my dedication on Feb 3rd to coincide with Imbolc and the Full moon. What better time to dedicate myself to my Wiccan path than on those two very symbolic holidays?

So, lots coming up, but all going well. Let's hope it continues this way.

Have a blessed week all!

Hail and Welcome!

Hello all. This is my first post in this journal. I welcome you all, friends and strangers alike. This journal will be friends only as it is of a very personal nature (as is most people's spiritual path and workings), and I only want to share it with those I know and feel comfortable with. however, if I do not know you, and you'd like to get to know me, I recommend you leave a comment and let me know why you're interested in reading my journal and if i feel it's genuine, I'll be happy to add you.

Brightest Blessings and welcome.




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